Self Assessment for Industry 4.0

Self Assessment for Industry 4.0

Over the last four years, with blue chip clients has been amazing.  During this time we have worked together to improve their capability to adopt and implement industry 4.0.

During this work we developed a range of self assessment tools to benchmark organisations.

We are now offering these tools to you.

Our range of self assessment for Industry 4.0 tools allow organisations to perform their own self assessment.

Each of our self assessment tools is structured in the same way and in an easy to score manner.  Each of these assessment tools will provide clear guidance on which areas need to be improved.

The tools provide a roadmap and plan to organisations looking to improve their Industry 4.0 capability.

We will release one function each quarter. Our first is the maintenance 4.0 assessment tool.

We can provide any function available. Please let us know if you would like to see any one in particular.


Each week we will add more questions to the assessment tool and will notify you when new sections are available.

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There is a clear correlation between the scores in this assessment and cost savings available to the business.   For certain areas there are also tangible revenue generation opportunities that can be delivered.

For cost saving examples see

We will start with basic classifications before and progress to world class metrics.

Each of our assessment can be grouped together to provide a score for the entire organisation.

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