Remote Monitoring

Global IoT Solutions. More than monitoring and Smarter than Software

There will be 50 billion connected devices deployed next year? There is only 7 billion people on the planet!

Companies know they should be using connected devices; after all, who would not want to prevent a server farm, communal heating system or production line from failing? Yet very few organisations understand how to successfully adopt and benefit from remote monitoring. Should I monitor one thing or 1000 things? How do I know I am monitoring the right things? Is it cost effective to use remote monitoring and can I prove it? That’s where Global IoT Solutions comes in.

Our clients have lots of questions about how they can use connected devices in their business. Our
approach is to first understand your needs, the underlying business case and the positive impact on
your business (see table below to show the main reasons organisations adopt a connected device
solution). The next step is to decide what to monitor, implement a connected device solution that is right for your business, work with you to understand the information that has been gathered and finally help you to change the way you work to realise additional revenues, reduced costs or simpler processes and systems.

What should I measure?

What is on your financial or compliance reports? What are your reports?  Here you can see a mesurement dashboard for detailed pieces of equipment within a building estate.  If you are an estates manager or estates maintenance manager you may want to measure this to optimise your operational costs.

Detailed monitoring

Or perhaps you own the entire state and want to understand the value you are losing becuase your estate is being poorly managed?  Then you may need a more global view of the world.

Global view

If you want to begin to improve the way your business works, focus on the priorities and work on those.

How can we help?

Our role is to make sure you have the right technology deployed in the right place for you to have the right information to make the right decisions. We have worked in multiple sectors on multiple continents and have changed business models, developed new revenue streams and simplified processes and reduced costs for all of our clients.


If we can help you, please feel free to contact us.