Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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Why choose this course?

  • Developed with a team with a combined 300 years of multi sector delivery experience both within industry and from management consulting.
  • The aim is to cover the principles and tools of six sigma and to prevent your projects failing with some useful tips gained from our “battle scars”
  • To focus on achieving outcomes for your client not making you an expert statistician.  The best change comes from the practice not the theory.
  • Build your engagement capability not just your statistical cpability and combine the best of both worlds to make you the most effective green belt you can be.

Structure of the course

  • Six Sigma history, tools and concepts.
  • Six Sigma as an improvements approach compared to Lean, Theory of constraints and design for six sigma.
  • Relevance of Six Sigma in a digital world of Agile and Scrum
  • What companies really need from Six Sigma: Business, Brown Belts and Benefits
  • How to Structure Six Sigma in your business: roles and responsibilities and time allocation.
  • What is in it for you? The DMAIC model and Green Belt content
  • Define: Charters, metrics, hypothesis mapping, data collection plans and problem definitions
  • Measure: Correctly map processes, understand the principles of Lean and quantify the scope.
  • Analyse: Visualisation and quantification of your analysis not just statistical performance of processes and people.
  • Improve: Define improvement for stakeholders and quantify what the improvement will deliver.
  • Control: Define and establish a control system
  • The certification journey

How do I use the course?

Each section is structured the same way.

  • Explanation of the section
  • What are you meant to be delivering in each section
  • What should you be asking and understanding?
  • What tools can I use?
  • How do I use them in different settings
  • What outcomes shuld I be generating
  • How should I use the outcomes