It is all about the team that deliver the results, we get there together and leave you with the best capability there is.

We can only be successful if our clients are successful, so our aim is simple, make our clients as successful as possible.

What do we do? We focus on the business case, on making new revenue streams for our clients and improving the margins on their existing business operations.

How we do it, we create new revenue streams without increasing overhead and we streamline existing operations. We don’t do it with jargon or ask for expensive transformation budgets instead we try and re-use what you have to make the business better.

Oh, the loT bit…that’s right we use the latest technology to deliver our approach. We guarantee a minimum 3:1 Return on investment and breakeven in less than 18 months. We don’t advocate “following the crowd”, so if you think following the crowd isn’t the right thing to do then please get in touch.

Organizational Design

Yesterday: Recruiting based on experience and traditional competencies.

Tomorrow: Being successful because you are curious, engaged and resilient will provide a foundation for dealing with the VUCA world.

Our approach: Get the right people to challenge the business and have a desire to prepare the business for change.

Process Simplification

Yesterday: Lean and Six Sigma trained teams sheep dipped for four weeks and forgotten half of it.

Tomorrow: Engagement, business planning, automation and process design and team training.

Our approach: Half of what you do now will not exist in 12 months so give your teams to skills to design, develop and implement new processes and systems within the business.

System Architecture

Yesterday: Expensive legacy systems with little or no flexibility

Tomorrow: Cloud based , integrated platforms, minimum viable products and web apps.

Our approach: What is the most cost approach to engage effectively and deliver quickly and iteratively.

Management Information

Yesterday: Poor quality historical data not linked to the business plan delivering limited value to the business.

Tomorrow: Accurate and predictive data using relevant data to drive informed management decisions.

Our approach: Define the information we need and from which data source. Cleanse, use, iterate and cascade.

Real Estate Synergies

Yesterday: Large long lease and static workplaces with expensive FM contracts.

Tomorrow: Right sized and adaptable workplaces with optimised workplace contracts.

Our approach: Clarify the workplace strategy and define the divestment and cost rationalisation opportunities. Design better well work places.

Target Operating Model

Yesterday: Unclear on the ‘state’ of the business, whether products and services are delivering and how successful mergers and acquisitions have been.

Tomorrow: Opportunities clearly articulated to increase revenues and profits and employee engagement.

Our approach: What is the best way to grow and how to ensure that any operating model has the flexibility to cope with further change.